About Us

The national Union of Musicians in Ghana has over 4,500 members. It has been incorporated on 9th December, 1975 with registration number 8460. MUSIGA has regional offices in all the ten regions of the country. Our mission is “promoting and preserving Ghanaian culture through education and equipping the Ghanaian musician to be self reliant, creative and industrious.” MUSIGA is an affiliate member of TUC (Ghana) through the Union of Informal Workers Associations (UNIWA) as a founding member. The Union is also affiliated with the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) as well as the International Music Council (IMC).

We are non-partisan. We represent all categories of musicians and performers but do not represent amateurs. As far as the organization is concerned, we have the General Assembly (Congress), National Executives, regional offices, and external representations. Our core duties include representing and running the organization at the administrative and financial level, Policy Making, Wages and Remuneration, Social Protection, Support for musical activities, Job opportunities, Union Rights and Freedom, Education, Intellectual Property Rights, Working Conditions and Gender Equality.

  • Letters of Recommendation for Members
  • Claims on behalf of members
  • Training for Members
  • Insurance (Social Security and Health Insurance)
  • Legal Advice
  • Performance and Recording facility
  • Communication etc…